“It’s comforting to think I cannot harm the world, or even seriously distress her.  But it’s humbling to know that my pain only leaves its mark on me and nothing else,” said Delilah.

“I disagree,” said Simon.  “Pain is the only thing that can leave a mark on the world.  For only in our pain do we attempt to change when change seems impossible.”



After her parents are killed in a car crash, Delilah Kendall moves to the small northern California town of Sierra Lago to live with her uncle. Her efforts at trying to put her life back together are disrupted when she meets a beautiful but enigmatic young man in her English class. He is sullen and unfriendly and Delilah is drawn to him though she struggles to understand why. 

Simon is just trying to adjust to living among mortals and learning to deal with their chaotic inner lives when a new girl shows up in his English class. Ever since his transformation to an immortal, he has the supernatural ability to sense the emotions, thoughts, and will of the mortals. With the help of his mentor, Simon attempts to understand why he is suddenly obsessed by this mortal girl. The more he is around her, the more he learns of his powers as an immortal and how who and what he is could affect her life – for good or for ill.

When Jav took on the responsibility of mentoring Simon, he determined that his apprentice would not make the same mistakes he did. But as he guides the young – not even a century old yet – and impetuous Simon on the tumultuous journey from human to immortal, Jav is increasingly frustrated as his apprentice disregards his counsel and advice. Not only is Simon intent on ignoring everything Jav is trying to teach him, but his young apprentice also insists on jumping ahead and wanting answers that Jav knows he is not yet ready for.