My day job tends to be a bit boring and tedious.  While I know that what I do is important, the repetitiveness of my work is enough to drive anyone to distraction.  So my distraction has been to make up fantastic stories in my head to keep my mind occupied.  One day I decided to write down one of these stories.  And that’s how The Trees of Eden series came about.

I know “About the Author” pages are suppose to talk about who I am, where I was educated, where I live and with how many pets.  I find these to be a tad dull and I’m sure you don’t care a whit about my pets.  Instead of all that, I’m going to (briefly) tell you about what interests me, which will  probably lend a bit more insight into why I write what I write.  “Why” is always more interesting than “who.”


I love the thought of time becoming meaningless because you just have so much of it that it no longer has any value.  I wish I had enough time to do, see, read, and write everything I would like.  Cuz let’s be honest, there never is enough time for all the stuff you want to do.  Oddly, there always seems to be more than enough time for the things you have to do.  But, luckily, while you’re doing all the stuff you have to, you can always ponder the greatest  question of all – what time is lunch?

Free Will Vs. Fate

There is absolutely nothing I can add to this debate that hasn’t already been said and argued over for centuries by persons far more intellectual than I.  But I still wonder if my choices (if I can even make choices) make a difference.  I think they do.  Because belief is half the battle – as in, I believe I’ll have lunch now.


I absolutely adore the idea of synesthesia.  I often wish  that I actually had synesthesia of one form or another.  The idea that things usually perceived by just one sense (e.g. color:sight, music:hearing, textures:touch) can be experienced in a completely different way (music:color, tastes:sound) fascinates me.  I once read an article about a little girl who remarked to her mother that she thought the letter W was the prettiest pink in the world.  I only wish I could see it that way.